Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Happy.

My mom said I can't so...

I love my mom more than words can express. I'm coming home for Christmas and during one of our frequent phone conversations I told her how badly I wanted to cut my hair, her tone suddenly changed, "Becka you can't cut your hair until after Xmas".

I'm 20 years old and nothing my parents has said has held me back; that is what is called advice but ultimately the decision is mine. Because I understand my mom's attachment to my hair I'll hold onto my locks just a bit longer but many other grown kids deal with other situations bigger than haircuts.

When I moved to Cali, before NY, I was ready and had earned the funds to do so. My mom's friends asked her,why don't you tell her not to move to LA, even she knew her words weren't going to change my mind. I'm not saying I didn't have help but inside my head the decision was set in stone.if you are paying, its your decision.

I guess what I'm saying is that there are a lot of "moms" out there. The ones that welcome us home with a full kitchen and those that are dressed up as our employees, our peers, and the media.

 Turn off your ears to "you can't".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is what I know love to be.

I wrote this as an assignment for my school's writing group, I'm so excited to be blogging again. I promise more posts and shorter posts. I'm excited!

I used to think true love was only present on a front porch, in a rocking chair, and enjoying the romantic and comfortable silence between two aged lovebirds, then I found out that although that exists true love is also alive in a younger demographic. The first example seems unattainable until you are older and some stranger interrupts your daily activities in some way and at some point in your life those actions makes you look twice. Then you go from there, but love shouldn’t be something we stress about. I think love just happens. The definition of true love is different for everybody and every relationship but I think the “I would jump off a cliff for you (but not really)”, holds true, meaning they feel they are a better version of themselves, striving to be all they can be and they would do anything to make sure that doesn’t change. That same concept references Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” lyrical message, and sings in the background of many lovers’ heads.

My special someone dropped everything and moved across country with me and we had the time of our lives living an adventure. In NYC most of the time that adventure is an expensive but much worthy one for us. My guy first entered my life at my very first place of employment, side by side, we made pizzas. He would stay late while I closed and chit chat with me about our interests, Catcher in the Rye and On the Road (our favorite books), and keep me company. Friends first, he taught me how to skip rocks and long board and in return I introduced him to a wardrobe other than corduroys and skate shoes.

Love may seem like it is far away and it is often put on people’s to do list in a way that creates certain limitations; for example marriage by 25, house 26, and two kids by 28. To me that seems like too much, just let it happen. I didn’t plan it, I’m only 20 years old and I’m also in no rush for what comes next. Love also isn’t easy, if it’s really true love they will stick around through the hard times. I think true love enters lives at various ages, 16-60. If it’s the right one, you probably didn’t see it coming and you probably wouldn’t be the same without it.