Friday, October 15, 2010

What does it mean to be a dreamer?

An entreprenuer has a business they are passionate about and desires success (otherwise $$). A free spirit seeks experience and adventure. An activist wants to put their passion into action and be the change. I need to dream more. On the bus I doze off and dream about ideas, make mental to do lists, rework my closet into new outfits, and travel to wherever else my mind takes me for the 30 minute bumpy ride. I want to take more time to relax and not lose sight of my dreams. I'm to the point in school where the pressure of knowing what you want to do suffocates you. I want to do everything but a big question mark doesn't go over as well on a business card or resume. I love school, I love people, I love writing, I love fashion and forecasting, I love analyzing the market, I love information, I love reading, I love shoes, I love NYC...the list could go on. All that I know but how do I translate that into my "dream job". Will that dream job really still embrace my creative mind and allow "dreaming". Chasing your dreams has sort of become a cheesy saying but for those individuals like myself time isn't infinite and the chase begins to seem more like a maze; although it is hard it is real and I wouldn't want anything else.

I want to be inbetween an entreprenuer a, free spirit, and an activist. Be realistic with appropriate business logic, embrace my creativity, and stand up for what I believe in. Whether my dreams involve more school, diving into NYC's massive sea, keep writing, open up a vegan boot store, do everything, travel, own a bed and breakfast....the point is I am still dreaming...
but I am awake.