Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Morning, lack of sleep, success, and smog

6:38 AM
Los Angeles, no one sleeps, everybody wants to live the good life, and we are all suffocating by all the smog seeping into our lungs every second. I was comparing LA to NY to a customer yesterday, and I mentioned although both are flooded with diversity,I felt NY was more open to it. Maybe just because citylife in a cold, urban, area, with a real downtown packed with busy bodies of all sorts, just attracts me. LA has a certain attitude, spelled out in the smog, and I hate to use this word to decribe this sunny ciy, but fake. Unfontunatley it's in the facts, it's all about who you know, how you look, and what you are doing. For me, I will take what I wish from that. I will network beyond belief, never give in to 'beauty enhancement', and make what I'm doing just important to me in my life. For others, it may be different.
I can't see myself here forever, but I have to say LA is growing on me.
Trust easy, and enjoy the sunshine.

The Oh So Fierce Jungle

The fashion industry is intense, not all sparkle, shopping, and loads of fabulous hair tossing. I'm just beginning firsthand and have not expeienced enough to really comment but it is really the zoo like atmosphere that requires a tough, driven personality to be able to handle it, that attracts me to this industry. So many people, especially at my school, don't realize that success doesn't just come to you you have to WORK for it.

Then, in the jampacked FIDM elevator this morning, approximatley 8:29 (8:30 class) I couldn't help but notice the subtle differences in the people around me. The diversity is really the only thing I really appreciate about LA; and among a school full of fashion obsessed students there are people from everywhere that represent many unique versions of the typical fashion student. I for one want to be more than the expected FIDM student, i want to face quality competition in an industry that is undergoing drastic changes.

Anyways, going five floors up I can't help but compare this gumsmacking, bug eyed, girl to a chimpanzee. I'm not sure if it was her brown hair, lovley olive skin, or the fact that all those elements combined wth her ears sticking beyond her rigid hair reminded of a monkey. It's not to be rude, but I had suddenly made the connection of us truly passionate students to those animals, such as monkeys, stuck in a manic atmosphere but aren't comfortble being anywhere else.

The fashion world is everywhere I want to be, lets go b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Breaking Down Productivity

For me, being busy or rather productive, drives my life. Everyday I either go to work or school or both. My complaints my seem like I don't want to be doing either but surprisingly wihout the two main things that occupy my life I get somewhere I can't stand. I get to this place where I feel as if I'm not doing anything, not being productive, I'm doing something wrong. One day of rest can spark my nerves, my anxiety, or an overwhelming amount of tears.

I want to feel as I can do it all. I add on things to my to do list like time is infinite, leaving no room for sleep. I always make excuses saying I can still push on through the restlessness and the lack of this and that but I refuse to realize it gets to me until it breaks me down.

I need to learn to feed my productivity needs, manage my time healthier, and not let my productivity break me down.

For those who feed off a busy life and living tired, lets rest up.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The view from above.

This picture is nowhere near recent but it symbolizes what I want this blog to be about. Making the most of every experience. It wasn't because I wanted to be rebel or get one because everyone was doing it, it was because I wanted one. I believe I will always love it, even when I'm old and wrinkly. Throughout my life wrinkles will appear, showing my age and for no reason will I be ashamed to have my tattoo go through the aging process with me.

The origin of my Taking Flight message came from this fascination with birds. They are so lucky to have the open sky, endess amounts of clouds to navigate around and a sea of blue to live among. The view from the ground is similar where we can see into infinity, but the simple luxury of flying fascinates me. Like birds, I was watching the Olympics, the ski jumpers have the same chance to put all their might into one motion and let it release among the open air. I thought, I'm sure it isn't as easy as it looks, ski jumping or flying, but it sure is interesting to watch. I'm sure birds or any air creature doesn't appreciate the air like I would but that is like anyone of us, we don't really appreciate something until it is gone. For birds they have access to all ends of the earth, but really who knows what they are thinking or feeling?

My first tattoo meant a lot to me and of course people still never think I am concealing such a thing as a tattoo. For me when I got my tattoo it was an experience. I had everyone close to me that are usually far away, my brother and uncle both in town for my graduation, and my two best friends from my hometown. Every experience effects differently and this is just one among many.

Thank you for reading, now soar.