Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spend your time wisely.

 "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness"- Julian Germain
I found this on the cover of a rare book on the third floor of the popular Strand bookstore (12th and Broadway). I only had passed by the stand that sets up shop along Central Parka few times before and was more than happy to make time to visit the actual store. Speaking of time, I constantly wish I had more. If I had more free time I know for a fact it would be spent reading, browsing stores like Strand that offer old and new selections of material, and doing some writing of my own. Strand's miles of books, desired and unique selection, knowledgeable staff, and ability to keep the brick and mortar bookstore alive interested me.Competing with e-books and iPads, Strand seems to be holding their own and their word or mouth and licensed products (most popular being the various tote bag options) have created great advertising for the book business.

Back to this new theory of time, directly relating to our mental state of content. Julian Germain is entirely correct, why spend our time being miserable when we can choose to be optimistic? Sounds cliche, being happy that is, but I know being happy increases productivity, self sufficency, and our personal well being. Happiness comes in many forms and many people don't feel like they have experienced it but I feel if we take the time we can realize its presence in our lives.

I am someone who can't stand to waste time and constantly wish I had time. If I could eliminate sleep from my daily routine and still function properly I would, unfortunately my eyes shut eventually. I just need to make sure I spend the time I'm spent awake doing my best to achieve happiness because I don't want to lose even just 60 seconds.

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